DISCOVER THE CANDLES - Inspiration and suggestions of candles

Eve – creativity, vibrant yellow, pink and blue swirls

Mary - home, nurturing, setting up a new home, divine mother, astonishing 7 tones of colour mostly blues

Mikail - keeper of the land and guardian of fisher folk, seafarers,
travellers and knights, inner strength

Joseph - intuitive support, orangey reds and blue

Merlin - deep wisdom of the woods, oak wood colours

Raphael - archangel of Spring, healing, renewal, companionship

Christos Peace - Peace in our transformational times

Angel - inspiring co-operation between the realms

New leaf - turning over a new leaf, leaves drawn into a leaf green background

Love – the love that is us all

Kuan Yin – Eastern Female Buddha of divine compassion, exquisitely scented with lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang and storax blend

Tender Loving Care – a commissioned candle that worked so well it found it’s way into my range – delicate swirls of colour with lilac and blue grounding colour at the bottom

Prosperity – yellows, pinks, purples and blues, colours reminiscent of Ganesh, Indian God of wellbeing. With a lush abundance of scents.

Dolphins and Angels - Swirls of turquoise, blue and white sea spray with an angelic pink rising above

Unity - Celebrate the One-ness of all of life, from top frankincense white, yellow ylang-ylang, rose pink, burgundy grapefruit and patchouli

Grandmother Ocean - a picture of the Sea, lovely freshening oils and colours dedicated to honouring the seas and the oceans...

Goddess Wisdom - new for 2010 - from top white, rose, lavender and indigo

Candle for the Ancestors - New Jan, 2011 - from top white, gold, red and black

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This list is correct to November 2010 and contains recent candles which are not shown on previous lists.