DISCOVER THE CANDLES - Inspiration and suggestions of candles

Mary - home, nurturing, setting up a new home, divine mother, astonishing 7 tones of colour mostly blues

Mikail - keeper of the land and guardian of fisher folk, seafarers,
travellers and knights, inner strength

Joseph - is not currently made, but we have e lots of other newer design candles as below

Merlin - deep wisdom of the woods, oak wood colours

Raphael - archangel of Spring, healing, renewal, companionship

Christos Peace - Peace in our transformational times

Angel - inspiring co-operation between the realms

New leaf - turning over a new leaf, leaves drawn into a leaf green background

Love – the love that is us all

Kuan Yin – Eastern Female Buddha of divine compassion, exquisitely scented with lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang and storax blend

Tender Loving Care – a commissioned candle that worked so well it found it’s way into my range – delicate swirls of colour with lilac and blue grounding colour at the bottom

Prosperity – yellows, pinks, purples and blues, colours reminiscent of Ganesh, Indian God of wellbeing. With a lush abundance of scents.

Dolphins and Angels - Swirls of turquoise, blue and white sea spray with an angelic pink rising above

Unity - Celebrate the One-ness of all of life, from top frankincense white, yellow ylang-ylang, rose pink, burgundy grapefruit and patchouli

Grandmother Ocean - a picture of the Sea, lovely freshening oils and colours dedicated to honouring the seas and the oceans...

Goddess Wisdom - from top white, rose, lavender and indigo

Candle for the Ancestors - from top white, gold, red and black

Grandmother Ocean -
a picture of the Sea: surf, turquoise waves and marine  blue depth, lovely freshening oils, dedicated to honouring the seas and oceans

Keepers of the Flame (20: “Reclaiming and honouring the Sacred Feminine”, exciting deep memorable colours, from the top - Coral, yellow, turquoise with a violet base)

Transition Candle No 21 “Awakening Change” Leaflet says “hold onto your own Soul Space in spite of everything going on around you”, from the top, white, lavender rose, rose pink, yellow, green and with a blue “grounding the vision” base – a candle for the gifts of change

“The Crystal Cave” 22 - these start with green ontop, and go through a yellow, orange, pink and a vibrant purple base, a delightful new candle

NEW! “Spring wood” Greens, white and yellow green – growth, direction, purpose and regeneration

NEW! “Fire of Summer”, orange top and flaming yellow and red swirls - connection, joy, warmth and heart, love, this candle also embraces all the seasons

IN this elemental/seasonal theme we will be making the rest of this range: Harvest Earth, Autumn Air, and Winter Water

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This list is correct to March 2019 and contains some recent candles which are not shown on previous lists