Touchfire Aromatics - Pure Essential Oils price list revised 2008
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Size Name: Latin name: Description: Price £ No. Total
5ml BASIL (dist.) Ocimum basilicum (Egypt) Now sourced as an organic oil 4.35
9ml BERGAMOT FCF(ex) Citrus bergamia (Sicily) FCF = Furo-coumarin free A cheering bright expression 4.50
5ml CHAMOMILE ROMAN (dist). Anthemis nobilis. A stunning English distillation 10.20
5ml CHAMOMILE BLUE (dist). Matricaria chamomilla. Contains anti-inflammatory sesquiterpenes, East Europe 9.90
9ml CAJUPUT (dist) Melaleuca leucadendron (Vietnam) 3.45
5ml CARDAMON (dist) Elettaria cardomomum (Guatemala) 8.10
9ml CEDARWOOD (dist) Cedrus atlantica (Morocco) My favourite 3.45
9ml CEDARWOOD (dist) Juniperus spp. (U.S.A.) 3.30
9ml CINNAMON LEAF (dist) Cinnamonium zeylanicum (Sri Lanka) 3.45
9ml CITRONELLA (ex) Cymbopogon nardus (Sri Lanka) 3.00
9ml CLARY SAGE (dist) Salvia sclarea (East Europe) Works well therapeutically; don’t drive immediately after use 3.60
9ml CLOVE BUD (dist) Eugenia caryophyllata (Indonesia) 3.75
5ml CYPRESS (dist) Cupressus sempervirens (Spain) 3.90
9ml EUCALYPTUS (dist) Eucalyptus radiata (Australia) 3.00
100ml FIXED CARRIER OIL For diluting oils for massage SWEET ALMOND, COCONUT, OR GRAPESEED Price on applying
9ml FENNEL (dist) Foeniculum vulgare (Spain) Very strong 3.30
5ml FRANKINCENSE (dist) Boswellia spp. (E.Africa) Somali extra. Fine oil suitable for meditation or massage 4.95
5ml (Rose) GERANIUM (dist) Pelargonium graveolens (Comores or Reunion) “Rose Geranium” type, Bourbon type, lovely rich deep smell. 6.60
5ml GERANIUM (dist) Pelargonium odoratissimum (Egyptian or Chinese) Most popular geranium, always dilute. 3.60
5ml GINGER (dist) Zingiber officinalis (India) 3.30
9ml GRAPEFRUIT (ex) Citrus paradisi (Cyprus) 3.90
9ml HOWOOD (dist) Cinnamomum camphora (China or Japan) Use as a replacement for threatened rosewood 3.00
5ml HYSSOP Hyssopus officinalis (E. Europe) 3.90
5ml JASMINE ABSOLUTE 10% Jasminium grandiflorum (Egyptian or Tunisian) 10% in Coconut Oil. Lovely perfume 6.00
5ml JUNIPER BERRY (dist) Juniperus communis (Italian/Croatian) Always look for the berry; superior smell to leaf 4.20
9ml LAVENDER (dist) Lavendula angustifolia (French 40/42) The French know how to distil this one well – no problems for all uses 3.30
9ml LAVENDER (dist) Lavendula angustifolia (Fine Bulgarian) Best in this price range for aromatherapy use 3.45
5ml LAVENDER ORGANIC (dist) Lavendula angustifolia Very full fine smell, currently French, Soil Association certified 3.90
9ml LEMON (dist) Citrus limonum (Italian) 3.30
9ml LEMONGRASS (dist) Cymbopogon flexuosum (India or Guatemala) 3.30
9ml MANDARIN Red, Organic, ex Citrus reticulata (Sicily) Lively 3.60
9ml MANDARIN RED (ex) Citrus reticulata (Sicily) Usual bright mandarin 3.45
5ml MARJORAM (dist) Origanum majorana (Egypt) SWEET type, smooth 4.65
5ml MYRRH (dist) Commiphora mol-mol (Middle East) 5.40
5ml NEROLI 10%(dist.) In coconut oil Citrus aurantium bigaradia (Morocco or Tunisia) Based on a lovely orange flower distillation 6.45

Size Name: Latin name: Description: (Country of Origin, unless stated otherwise on label) Price £ No. Total
5ml NUTMEG (dist) Myristaca fragrans (E. Indies) 3.45
5ml Oregano (dist) Origanum vulgare Excellent quality – this oil requested by customers 3.90
9ml PALMAROSA (dist) Cymbopogon martini (India) 3.45
5ml PATCHOULI (dist) Pogostemon patchouli (Indonesian) Deep sensual red 3.30
9ml PATCHOULI (dist) Pogostemon patchouli (Indonesian) Mature red as above 4.35
9ml PEPPERMINT (dist) Mentha piperita (UK) Limited production; superior to USA ones 3.45
9ml PETITGRAIN (dist) Citrus auranticum (Paraguay) 3.30
3ml ROSE ABSOLUTE 100% (abs) Rosa demascena (Turkey or Bulgaria) Limited stocks of this lovely fragrance 17.60
5ml ROSE ABSOLUTE 100% (abs) Rosa spp. (Rose species) Bulgarian Women’s Network, brilliant alternative to above. Store cool 15.90
9ml ROSEMARY ORGANIC (dist) Rosmarinus officianalis (Morocco) One of the best rosemary’s I’ve smelt 3.90
Sorry SANDALWOOD Santalum album I have been advised by the WWF not to sell this as current production is unsustainable 3ml was £9
5ml SAGE, DALMATION (dist) Salvia officinalis (Croatia, U.K. distilled) Use super-visied by an aromatherapist only 4.20
9ml SILVER FIR (dist) Abies sibirica (Russia) Use as a pure replacement for pine needle 3.45
9ml TANGERINE (ex.) Citrus reticulata (Florida) 3.45
9ml TEA TREE, ORGANIC (dist) Melaleuca alternifolia (Australian) A best seller 3.60
5ml THYME, (dist) Thymus vulgaris (Spanish or French) Thymol, or Cavacrol type 3.90
9ml VETIVERT (dist) Vetiveria zizanoides (Java/China/Haiti) 4.50
5ml YLANG-YLANG ORGANIC (dist) Cananga odorata (Madagascar or Comores) Number one 3.90

5–10 BOTTLES £ 3.00 10 OR MORE £ 4.00

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