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Touchfire Candle Studio, Bowden House, Green Lane, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7PW
Mail order and phone card ordering direct from the maker – January 2011

Layered Scented Candles – uniquely crafted using pure aromatherapy oils
Description 8 1/2 inch standard candle, 7/8th inch diameter
(For prices of 11” inch tall candles, and possibly for pillar candles patterned individually with landscapes, please phone or e-mail stating what kinds you are interested in.)

“Eve” Candle No. 1 scented layers of yellow, white, rose pink, blue and green
“Mary” Candle No. 2, blue & other coloured scented layers inspired by archetype of Mary
“Mikal” or Michael, No. 3, earthy coloured scented whirls, with fire below
“Joseph”, No. 4, for compassionate support – white, yellow, greens and blues
“Merlin”, No. 5, Pale mystical tones for nature’s magic
“Raphael”, No. 6, A candle for healing

“Christos”, No. 7, Peace candle for the third millennium
“Calling All Angels”, No. 8, Spirit, vision and transformation
“New Leaf”, No.9, Spring scented for new beginnings
“Sunrise”, No 10 is for stillness at daybreak
“Love”, No. 11, Universal, community and personal love; Venus and Mars scents
“Kuan-Yin”, No. 12; Buddha/Goddess of divine compassion, swirls of colour in white

Tender Loving Care, No 13, delicate swirls of colour with lilac and blue grounding colour at the bottom
Prosperity, No.14, yellows, pinks, purples and blues, reminiscent of Ganesh, Indian God of wellbeing. With a lush abundance of scents.
Kinship, No. 15 is not available at present
Dolphins and Angels, No. 16 (Swirls of turquoise, blue and white sea spray with an angelic pink rising above)
Unity, No. 17 Frankincense scented top layers with a tinge of sunlight, with swirls of pale rose pink, lilac, with a patchouli burgundy ground coloured layer.

Grandmother Ocean - a picture of the Sea, lovely freshening oils and colours dedicated to honouring the seas and the oceans...
Goddess Wisdom - new in 2010 - from top white, rose, lavender and indigo

Candle for the Ancestors - No. 20 Now in stock for 2011 - To honour those who have gone before - White, Gold, Red, and a new colour to us, Black at the base

All Candles except no. 14 are labelled with details of the essential oil perfumes used, but I reserve the right to make occasional substitutions with similar oils from time to time.

All these candles are £5.00 each, add on £2.00 p+p for whole order, unless 6 or more candles are ordered, then p+p is free

Cheques to P.W.Neumann please, or order by most credit and debit cards by phone

FROM: Peter W. Neumann, The Candle Studio, Bowden House, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7PW Visitors by appointment, please

Peter also helps individuals or organisations wanting to design their own candles or incense